The New Standard
in Indoor Localization

Enable your business to achieve more with real time accurate indoor positioning and analytics

Accurate People & Asset Tracking 

Vacus Wireless narrowband location technology tracks personal & asset tags with centimeter level of accuracy in near real-time

Low Power

Save Money!

Low Computational complexity enables higher battery life & saves energy

Zero Interference

No Collisions!

System causes zero interference to existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

High Accuracy

No Errors!

Strong multipath immunity helps to achieve better accuracy


Too Big, No worries!

System can handle thousands of tags in near real-time without affecting KPIs

Consistent Accuracy. Impeccable Reliability.

VacusTM narrowband positioning technology has addressed a fundamental issue in an indoor radio environment: Signal Multipath which enables it to deliver high accuracy and stability even in heavy metallic environment.

Vacus received technology patent in late 2019 & entered the market in early 2020 with its first major deployment in a large pharma enterprise followed by a couple of deployments in data centers.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


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Whether you need centimetre-level accuracy or more approximate positioning, Vacus Tech's flexible and reliable system can adapt to the need for your use case.

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