Configurable Radio Fence

Consistent and Accurate Indoor Positioning Technology

Welcome to the world of real-time Micro-Location 

Fog enabled IoT product with 99% accuracy for radio fencing in indoor environment for accurate real-time Indoor navigation and tracking

Scalable network architecture designed for dynamic indoor location ensuring precise indoor positioning

Ultra low power featured system due to reduced level of computational complexity

Our Offerings

Vacus offers the necessary tools to build the microlocation system of future, today.

indoor positioning indoor navigation

Location Engine

Vacus's Indoor positioning technology is built upon a 'Patented Virtual Radio Fencing Technology'. This ensures system reliability for Indoor navigation


Vacus uses 'Star Network Architecture' to cover large indoor environments. Our open embedded network stack helps developers to package the solution with scalability 

Indoor positioning and indoor navigation
Indoor Positioning and indoor navigation

Modules and Design support

Vacus development modules are designed to help you rescue complexity, cost of design and time to market. We provide the hardware and software design to help you build your indoor positioning solution

Merits of Fog enabled Micro-Location

The cell-based system makes it consistent, reliable, accurate and highly interference immune

IOT compliance with MQTT data in feed and ease of deployment

Multi Applications: With the same hardware different use cases like critical asset tracking, Disaster management, Employee in transit, Space occupancy, productivity monitoring etc can be managed