Building micro-location systems of the future, today

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Today is a special day for us. Starting today, we are showcasing our flagship patented Indoor Positioning and Tracking technology, it's working and the products, which we have worked on so passionately for the past two years. Over the past few months, we have received numerous queries about our micro-location technology. We will be using this medium to address all of them, one by one, in detail. So, stay tuned and hope you enjoy reading these as much as we enjoyed building it.

“Disruption” is the word we would like to start with. Unfortunately, this often means much hard work spent on creating something which the world says is impossible.

It also means fighting against all the odds and challenges to achieve something the world can talk about. Also, against all the challenges mounted by the GPS and other micro-location technologies, we built our own Indoor Positioning Technology.

We were faced with this problem: GPS stopped being useful for navigation as soon as we entered indoors.

We explored the problem and found this to be a widespread worry faced by everyone. So in places like factories, warehouses, mines, data centres, oil fields, hospitals and defence areas where real-time accurately locating and tracking of people and equipment are essential for safety/security and productivity, GPS just does not cut it.

As all engineers do, we dug deeper into the problem and experimented with various other micro-location technologies such as Beacons, WiFi, Inertial sensors, UWB. So we found that an alarmingly large number of them were inconsistent, inaccurate or prohibitively expensive.

In the words of one of our marquee clients “They are like sponges which are full of holes”.

So, we got working on a solution, and after 24 months of intensive research and hustling in anechoic chambers, we were able to fill all of the “holes” of these micro-location technologies while obtaining National and International Patents.

Vacus created Configurable Radio Fence (CRF™) Technology designed with an accuracy of 30 cm to solve this problem. The product is scalable due to its replicable zone based network architecture with high reliability, accuracy, consistency and Interference immunity. It is low cost and easy to retrofit in Indoor Environments.

It has been an exciting journey so far. With the work till date, we think we have the necessary tools to build the micro-location system of the future, today. We are also thrilled to have “Future IP Labs”, leading Venture Capital firm in Bangalore on board. Vacus is currently in its Scale-Up phase with strong IP, Fortune 500 customers & Notable National/International awards.

In the next article, we will cover the Basics of CRF Technology. Stay Tuned!

- Pratik & Venu

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