Return of Investment for Vacus CRF (Data centre use case)

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Data is one of the critical resource and the main base for any operation. The confidentiality of data is at the utmost essential. The data centres store the data in servers placed inside the rack.

Data centres are particular about the rack systems and the other hardware inside the premises. They store over 2000 racks on each floor. Each rack contains about 25-30 servers. To find the specific server they have to go over them and see it manually which is a very time consuming and a tedious of work. To overcome this inefficiency of the manually locating of the servers many Micro-location technologies have come forth with their solution but have proven to be inefficient. Vacus CRF solution is one of the indoor tracking solutions which have come forth to efficiently track the real-time location of the servers in the indoor atmosphere. The Vacus CRF solution also provides built-in sensors to monitor the temperature, humidity and airflow of the rack which prevents any incidents in the data centre.

ROI of Data Center

Vacus CRF is Deployed in multiple data centres which have resulted in a high return on investment. It has helped Fortune 500 company achieve ROI in six weeks.

The solution also identified a failing C-RAC (Computer room Air conditioning) unit before it burns out and thus saving the unit. The solution comes with a lower cost of ownership. The Vacus CRF solution gives complete visibility of the indoor environment at a reasonable price with a high rate of return.

Vacus CRF has set high standard goals for indoor tracking for enhanced monitoring and alerting. The audit of the data is done in seconds rather than days and thus saving a tremendous amount of time.