Inventive Tracking of Servers and Business -Critical Assets for Data Center with Vacus CRF

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Data is the fundamental component for every business operation. Without data, the complete process can collapse. Data management is one of the essential aspects and needs a very high level of security and safety which the data centres have to deal with.

All these security measures are directed at keeping security threats out of the data centre. But, what about the security inside the data centre? What happens when a server is misplaced? What happens when the temperature and humidity changes? The data centre houses thousands of servers and change in temperature or humidity in even a single server can be catastrophic to the client and hence the reputation of the data centre.

Handling these issues in data centres often cost data centres hundreds of man-hours spent on tracking down the misplaced servers by manually going through hundreds of racks and checking thousands of servers. This is not only an economic loss to the data centre but also is frustrating to the person doing it. Are you willing to use the technology that requires hours of tedium? Scan each rack manually and wander around the 2000 racks in the centre for that one server you really need! That is where we come in.

Vacus CRF has the solution for this problem by accurate and reliable Indoor location tracking of the servers. The Vacus CRF solution is tailor-made specific use case designed for the data centre. The solution consists of a rack monitor and tags. The rack monitor placed on the top of each rack creates a virtual radio fence around it. Each server is attached with the CRF tags. The rack monitor can read the tags if they are in the fence.

Alongside accurately tracking the near real-time micro-location, the Vacus CRF also serves the concern of the environmental factors of the data centres. As each rack has to maintain the temperature and humidity specifically to avoid short circuit or asset burn loss, the CRF solution comes with a built-in sensor in the tags to detect the temperature and humidity. When the tags detect any abnormalities with temperature or humidity, they alert an alarm which will help them avoid the uncertain damage due to these factors.

The Vacus CRF solution is designed to alert message when it detects a forced removal of the tags from the servers. This helps in the risk mitigation of the theft.

The CRF Solution eliminates the time-consuming process of asset audit and server locating while increasing the visibility of the assets with near real-time location tracking. It is a solution for inventory automation which minimises the operation disruption in the data centres. The Solution is a real value which helps in cost reduction, equipment safety and energy saving. With its deployment for data centres, Vacus CRF had successfully identified a failing CRAC unit before it burned out thus saving a tremendous amount of time as well as cost.

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