Vacus CRF Development Kit for Indoor Positioning System

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

CRF Evaluation kit is Vacus’s medium to share its platform of Disruptive Proprietary Patented Indoor Positioning Technology, to help and understand about the configurable radio fencing and its capabilities.

EVK is a virtual fencing solution which determines the number of tags in and outside of the fencing zone. The kit consists of three components to form a platform for indoor tracking. The Dev Module is the zone monitor which has an LCD to show the number of tags present in and out of the fencing zone. The tags have a replaceable battery. The tags are designed to broadcast the signal in a programmable interval of time to broadcast its presence.

Vacus CRF Evaluation Kit

The EVK Kit uses narrowband radio frequency SOC with the 8051 micro-controller architecture which operates in 2.4 GHz ISM band with the data exchange rate of 250 kbps. The kit is designed to use CSMA -CA protocol to enable the CRF 2003 module. The response rate of which is 6 seconds.

Thee CRF EVK creates a radio fence in the azimuth /elevation plane. The link distance between the tag and zone monitor is not to be increased above 10 m for accurate near real-time micro-location. The CRF kits can be combined to form a restricted zone in an indoor atmosphere.

The EVK Kit is designed for evaluation of the CRF technology from the various technical perceptions. The kit is designed with ease and has no complexity for users. It is a user-friendly interface and does not require any different hands training to operate the equipment.

The Kit is now launched across the industrial market as a platform for various indoor positioning use cases. The real-time micro-location platform can be a solution for many useful applications. The radio fence can be restricted in the zone but not the indoor location application. Try out the CRF EVK as a platform to your next big micro-location idea.