• The disruptive Configurable Radio Fencing Technology developed by Vacus is addressing one of the biggest issues in Indoor Wireless Environment: Signal Multipath


  • CRF can accurately tell the azimuth angular sector of the arrival of the signal.

  • The Technology is based on antenna pair of transmitter & Receiver Module.


  • Majority processing is performed by the antenna structures on the modules. This makes the solution power efficient & economically viable.

Flagship Patented Technology for

Indoor Positioning and Tracking

Wifi Interference Mitigation

  • For systems operating in 2.4 GHz Band, Wi-Fi is the biggest interference contributor because of its high transmit power (typically in the range of +20  to +30 dBm).


  • We have found, for available Wi-Fi standard (802.11a, b, g, n etc.), Wi-Fi channels either starts with 2401MHz & 2402MHz. Therefore, Wi-Fi signal power in 2400MHz to 2401MHz is very low


  • As CRF is a narrowband technology with bandwidth usage less than 600KHz, it easily fit in Wi-Fi free band.

wifi interfernce-01.png

Multipath Mitigation

  • One of the biggest challenges for Radio Frequency System in Indoor/ Outdoor environment is signal multipath (RF). (i.e.) radio signals reaching the receiver antenna by two or more path.


  • Vacus uses an omnidirectional transmitter antenna & discrete directional receiver antenna structure. The radiation patterns of both the transmitter & receiver are designed in such a way that it can withstand 5 strong multipath, which makes it deployable in a dynamic environment



Computation complexity

  • Vacus CRF Technology is based on radiation patterns of transmitter & receiver antenna pair. As most of the signal processing is performed by the antenna structure while receiving the signal, computational complexity is minimal.

computational complexity-01.png