CRF Evaluation kit

Kit Contents

CRF DEV module (Qty 1) 



CRF tag module (Qty 2)




CR2450 coin cell battery (Qty 2)



USB cable (Qty 1)





    • Includes an LCD for reporting the number of CRF tag modules  in and out of the fence

    • Onboard LED to indicate transmit, receive and other messaging. 

    • Replaceable battery for CRF module   

    • Includes Vacus Configurable Radio fencing application


  • It uses narrowband RF SOC with 8051 micro-controller architecture. Operates in 2.4 GHz ISM band with data exchange rate of 250 kbps.

  • The response rate is 6 seconds. 


  • It uses CSMA-CA protocol to enable multiple CRF module


Technical documentation

Application note

Vacus's CRF EVK is a configurable radio fencing product. It accurately determines the number of tags present in and out of the fence. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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