CRF Evaluation kit

Kit Contents


CRF DEV module (Qty 1) 



CRF tag module (Qty 2)




CR2450 coin cell battery (Qty 2)



USB cable (Qty 1)





    • Includes an LCD for reporting the number of CRF tag modules  in and out of the fence

    • Onboard LED to indicate transmit, receive and other messaging. 

    • Replaceable battery for CRF module   

    • Includes Vacus Configurable Radio fencing application


  • It uses narrowband RF SOC with 8051 micro-controller architecture. Operates in 2.4 GHz ISM band with data exchange rate of 250 kbps.

  • The response rate is 6 seconds. 


  • It uses CSMA-CA protocol to enable multiple CRF module


Technical documentation

Application note

Vacus's CRF EVK is a configurable radio fencing product. It accurately determines the number of tags present in and out of the fence. 

Why appropriate mounting is necessary for functionality?

Vacus CRF technology is based on antenna's radiating in specific way. If the mounting is not proper it may affect the radiation of antenna. Therefore it is advisable to follow mounting instructions mentioned in the user guide.

What is maximum range of fence?

Vacus CRF creates angular fence in azimuth and elevation plane and not on the range. If you want to fence based on angle and range, please refer to our application notes.

Can i change the response rate of system?

For EVK kit it is fixed to 6 seconds. Though for development kit you can configure it from 1 sec to 20 secs. 6 secs is set considering dynamic environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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